Why Strengths-based Coaching 

Strengths-based coaching will significantly increase your self-worth and engagement at work or in your personal life, which in turn improve teamwork and productivity. It will improve your self-confidence and help you to embrace you own uniqueness and talents to excel in 3 key areas:

  • Personal Productivity - you will get more done because you will learn how to focus on using your strengths instead of trying to fix your "perceived" weaknesses.
  • Engagement - you will learn why certain tasks are soul-destroying for you and what you can do to experience more fun and engagement at work and in your life in general.
  • Relationships - your relationships with colleagues, friends and family will improve because you will have more confidence in who you are and have more appreciation for who they are, how they are different from you and how to interact with them in a more effective way.

Here's why:

All people (whether you're a successful business owner, leader, employee, parent or significant other) have a unique set of talents, that makes you different from all your family, friends, colleagues, or competitors. Perhaps it is the meticulous way in which you analyze a challenge. Perhaps it's the way you form new business ideas or see opportunities. Perhaps it is the charming way in which you communicate with clients, colleagues or suppliers. Perhaps it is your ability to see connections between seemingly disparate ideas. Perhaps it's your ability to connect with people and form deep meaningful relationships.

Whatever it is for you: that uniqueness is what sets you apart from the rest. It is what makes you brilliant in what you do. It is what gives you the cutting edge in your career, business or life.

Unfortunately, many people don't know what makes them unique. Often because they take it for granted.

Do YOU know what makes you unique?

If not - it's time to find out!


Are you ready, willing and motivated to become MORE of the BEST of yourself, MORE of the time?

Are you ready to discover, embrace and leverage your unique set of talents to progress towards your vision for your life or career and have FUN doing it?

Then you’re in the right place!!

Join me, your Strengths coach on a joyful journey of discovery, empowerment, confidence and action.


  • You will gain crystal clear clarity about your vision for your business, career or life.
  • You will become more confident in who you are so that you can silence your inner critic and be empowered to . hear and embrace your Inner Genius.
  • Together we will design and implement your personal blueprint for success in your life, career or business, based on your core talent themes.
  • I will give you customized tools and strategies to discover, embrace, nurture and apply your unique set of talents and turn them into strengths that will make you unstoppable.
  • Help you to design and create a business around your talents and preferred lifestyle so you can have more time, more profit and more fun
  • Inspire you: by helping you see the magic inside you (and do the same for your people)
  • Help you develop a truly engaged workforce (we'll first assess their level of engagement)
  • Train and coach your people to align their vision with that of your business
  • Help you: to appreciate your uniqueness and define your own vision for your business and your life
  • Hold you accountable: to stop settling for results that don't thrill you
  • Empower you: to cut through the clutter that is blocking your success & manage your perceived weaknesses
  • Encourage you: to take bold, focused action to progress towards your vision
  • Train you: teach you tools and strategies on how to maximize your talents so you can rock your career or multiply your business and have FUN

Here's how I can help:

Strengths-based Coaching for Individuals

Tip-of-the-Iceberg Strengths Coaching

Join me for an introductory 90 minute session in which I guarantee you'll learn some amazing things about yourself. Click (on the picture) below to learn more.

Dig Deep Strengths Coaching

Unpack your full 34 Strengths and learn how your top 10 and bottom 5 talent themes affect how you view the world and what your blindspots are. Click (on the picture below) to learn more.

Very keen but still have questions? Find your answers in our