Dig Deep Strengths-based Coaching

Dig Deeper Coaching is where I take you on an exhilarating journey into your full 34 Strengths using my proprietary R.I.S.E framework.

First I will explain to you, each of your dominant talents in detail; these are the talents that come most naturally to you and that you use most. The so called Top 5.

I will also coach you on your supporting talents; these are the ones which appear in your talent sequence after your top 5 dominant talents.

This is where things get really exciting and empowering. You will learn about the traits, misunderstandings and mismanagement of each of your dominant and supporting talents. I will give you valuable insight in how to effectively manage each talent so that you can transform it into a strength.

This is important. Many people struggle because they mismanage one or more of their talents. Let me give you an example. Responsibility is a talent theme. People with responsibility are normally very committed, conscientious and trustworthy. You can count on them. And that's great, isn't it? But when they mismanage this talent they become obsessive, micro-managers who can't say "no" and bite off more than they can chew.

We all know people like that. It's hard to deal with them. Well all talents can be mismanaged and in dig-deeper coaching we really dig deep into your unique set of talents and ensure that you're not mismanaging them - and if you do - we develop strategies to help you manage them more effectively.

Now here comes a HUGE and extremely powerful eye-opener; you will learn the effect of each talent on your sequence of talents and the dynamics of how they work together in making you the AWESOME person you are.

I will also coach you on how to use your dominant and supporting strengths to manage around your weaknesses or blindspots and give you tips, tools and suggestions on how to apply what you learn in all areas of your life.

No, we're NOT going to try and "fix" your weaknesses. You're not broken. You're perfect just the way you are. But if there are perceived "weaknesses" or blindspots that are hindering your progress in life and your career - we will find ways for you to manage them that will come easy and natural to you because you will use your strengths to do so.

Finally, I will inspire you with insight in to how you can exceed your own expectations of yourself. I will guide you through the process of successfully achieving your goals through your strengths in a way that is easy and fun and deeply fulfilling. And finally I will help you to REALLY make peace with who you are. Because you are EXTRAORDINARY!

So you see; we will REALLY DIG DEEP! And we'll do it using our R.I.S.E framework.


REALIZE strengths (2 x 1 hour sessions)

REALIZE you have unique greatness within you.

  • Learn to understand and appreciate your unique set of StrengthsFinder talents.
  • Know that your talents hold the key to your future success in everything you do
  • Take ownership of your top 5 StrengthsFinder talents and discover how they manifest in your life everyday

IMPLEMENT strengths (2 x 1 hour sessions)

IMPLEMENT strategies to focus your talents in order to become MORE of the BEST of you:

  • Apply your StrengthsFinder talents for increased personal productivity, performance.
  • Discover how to maximize your talents to improve all aspects of your life and have more fun.

SHINE strengths (2 x 1 hour sessions)

SHINE by becoming masterful at authentically expressing yourself and add value to the world.

  • Learn to use your strengths to endeavors that bring you joy
  • Identify people to partner with in your life, career or business

EXCEL strengths (2 x 1 hour sessions)

EXCEL by becoming the best version of yourself

  • Learn how to leverage your own and other people’s talents to achieve excellence
  • Overcome challenges by actively using your strengths for motivation. Build a EXCELlent environment using the Strengths philosophy.

Where will coaching take place?

We'll mostly do this over Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp. (But if we happen to be in the same part of the world, we could also get together in person.)


What you'll benefit from Dig Deep Strengths-based coaching:

  • You will develop personally and professionally to an extend you didn't even realize was possible.
  • You’ll embrace who you are, be more confident and proud of yourself because you will know yourself inside out and you'll realize just how AWESOME you are.
  • You’ll be more productive because you’ll be focussing on your strengths and how to consciously apply them to achieve your goals
  • You’ll understand why you do the things that you do and why other people do it differently.
  • You'll understand why you spend money and time on certain things
  • Your personal and professional relationships will improve because you will understand yourself better and have more appreciation for how other people are different from you.
  • You’ll understand, identify, embrace and let each of your talents shine in your own unique way
  • You will know your weaknesses, accept them and NOT try to fix them but learn to manage around them
  • You will understand how your talents play out in conflict situations
  • You will finally understand why no cookie cutter guru approach has ever worked for you, and what WILL work for you to achieve your goals and dreams

Requirements for starting this process:

1) Commitment and Drive to excel and become the BEST version of yourself:

I love helping and inspiring people to succeed. And I'm great at it. It's one of my gifts. And I do my best work with people who want to help themselves. People who are driven and committed to their own success and happiness.

2) You must have done the Gallup All 34 Strengths Access 

Since the core of this process is based on a more than 40 years of solid research in human behavior, you need to have completed and send me your Gallup StrengthsFinder Top 5 report.
You you can buy a code to take the assessment here: Gallup All 34 Strengths Access 

The assessment is taken online (when you have about 30 - 45 minutes of time to spare) and your report will be emailed to you as well as stored on your own private virtual online environment. In this virtual environment you wil also find other resources to help you develop your talents so you can become more of the incredible person you already are.

NOTE: This assessment is exactly the same one you do for the Gallup StrengthsFinder Top 5, but includes your whole 34 sequence. If you have already taken the Gallup StrengthsFinder Top 5, you don't have to redo the assessment - you can just request your full 34 report here: Beyond Your Top 5 Strengths

3) An open mind and willingness to have FUN

I believe that we're not here (on earth) for a long time. We're here for a good time. So let's make the time we are here, worth it. Let's make it fun. Let's make it inspirational. Let's make it phenomenal!


YES, Marja - I'm very keen to follow this program. When can we start?

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